Rogers Ranch

At Rogers Ranch we have been breeding Simmental cattle for over 40 years and Red Angus for 16 years. AI has been the mainstay of our cow heards. We are offering some of the very best of our home raised AI produced cows, heifers and bulls. These are the kind tht make a profit for us and hopefully will be profitable for you, our customers.

Our breeding dprogram places a strong emphasis on fertility, structure, gain ability, longevity, udder quality, carcass quality and most of all profitability. We have tested all of our bulls for the past 20 years on Purina Limited feed rations for 40-90 days to condition them just right for our customers. All of our cattle are on a continual Vigortone Mineral program. Our cattle have proven to do well on fescue and in our midwest environment.

It has been a true joy to watch our grandchildren become interested and excited to be a part of our business. They have been showing at livestock shows for several years. Most recently, Nathan and Carrie's daughters, Sari, had Grand Champion Carcass at the 2017 Missouri State Fair, with her Red Angus x Simmental steer. In 2018 Gracie's Red Angus steers placed 3rd and 5th in the MOSF carcass show. This year at the 2019 MOSF, Gracie's steers took 4th place in both divisions and had the largest rib-eye (17.4 sq inches) with her Simmental steer sired by DJF Red Siouxland. Our grandson Caleb, son of rich and Vicki Casebolt, exhibited the 2019 MOSF Reserve Champion Carcass with his Red Angus steer.

God has truly blessed us and we hope our cattle will do good for you!

The Rogers Families