Rogers Ranch SIres

Bull Care - Optimizing your investment in Quality Genetics

Virgin bulls, either yearling or 18-month old, are an important investment in the future of your herd. If you keep a bull in 2019, and keep for 5 years, his last daughters will be born in 2026, and hopefully stay in your herd until at least 2036. That means you are not just investing dollars in these bulls, but you are investing in your future earning potential of your whole operation.

These bulls are still growing and need to be treated as such. The stress of a sale, hauling, and relocating bulls can challenge their immune system. We encourage you to keep them where you can check on them and feed them daily. We recommend access to high-quality forage along with 8 to 12 pounds of grain per day, which will allow for proper remen health and allow the bulls to continue to gain about 2 pounds per day until turn out. We believe strongly in a good mineral program and would gladly make recommendations. With that in mind, we encourage you to provide an environment where your bulls can continue to grow and develop, while getting cows bred.

A yearling bull will not be able to service as many cows as a mature, experienced bull. We typically recommend no more than 20 cows per yearling bull for a 60-day breeding season. Once the breeding season is over, it is time to put bulls back into a growing situation, where they can continue to mature and recover from their work load. This is a time when bulls can gain back weight lost during breeding season, grow closer to their mature weight, and be vaccinated and wormed.